Does EC25-V have anything like a "wake-on-ping" capability

I have an IoT device which has an EC25-V module in it.
The device/module is activated on a Private network with Verizon.
The device is already able to communicate to my server via a REST interface using HTTP POST commands to my server. What I want to know is does the device/module have the ability to receive (anything like) a PING or HTTP GET/POST that would wake the module up and have it make a callback to the firmware on the device? I do know the IP address for the module.

I am trying to find an alternative to sending an SMS message and having to pay Verizon for text messaging as it will be too expensive and cost prohibitive.

Thanks for any help.

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your inquiry.
For our LTE module EC25V, if you use UART application to let module enter into sleep mode, the you can sue the following methods to wake up the module.

If you use USB application, the module also will wake up when receive downlink data.

Normally, when the module receive a SMS or Call, or downlink data, the RI pin all will have the signal indication, it can wake up the host, then can wake up module. So just as you have said that, when receive a ping or HTTP GET/POST , it can wake up the module.