Does EC200U has support for Audio Sampling rate greater than 16K?


We are going to work wit EC200U-CN module in one of our project. We have decided to go for openCPU as it avoids any external controller. Our application require to generate high quality audio with sampling rate at least 44.1Khz. I want to understand what is the max sampling rate supported by Analog and Digital interface of module in openCPU mode?


The local playback sampling rate is 8-44.1K, and the remote mono channel is 8K sampling rate. The recording sampling rate can be set up to 16K

Thanks Felix your prompt response.

So, what I understood is local mp3 or wav files can have sampling rate of 8-44.1K ,is that correct?

Along with this, does analog output supports 44.1K for local file play? or we have to use PCM output for the same?


HI Abhishek
The sampling rate of the local playback module is 8-44.1K, and the remote playback in mono is only 8K.
The sampling rate can only reach 16K

I’m sorry but I did not get it completely.

By saying Local Playback module, you mean local stored files?

I did not get this.