Does BG96 support voice call on gsm network?

I have a BG96 which can communicate with our could server via tcp. But can not dial number by using “ATD****”(**** is the phone number), it return an error. I also tried to call the module, there is no “RING” showing in AT command terminal. The module can receive/send SMS though. I saw on data sheet:

Does it mean BG96 module do not support voice call for now? Will it be able to support voice call via a firmware update?

Thank you.

Here is the firmware version of my module

Hi polliceman0077,

BG96 focus on Iot modules , it does not support GSM voice call ,

It support GPRS/CATM/NB mode. if you need voice call , you have to use volte under CATM network . thanks a lot .

Indeed as Stephen mentioned, BG96 works under PS, not CS. So only in LTE voice is supported using VoLTE.

Hi. I’m wondering whether the voice call option through PCM and I2C communications which was told under development in datasheet is ready to use now or not. I understand that through BG96 you can only have voLTE. But the thing that I don’t understand yet is whether this option is developed till now or not. Cause in datasheet it still is written under development. Is it possible that datasheet is not up to date?