Does BG96 support LWm2m & DTLS & COAP & Generic (u)SIM Acccess

I am working in LWm2m project while i want to use a NB-IoT module, between popular module there is BG96.
My goal is to use LWm2m && Coap && DTLS( AT+ QSSLCFG ), AT commands to connect to Leshan Server.
Beside that i want to have a generic (u)SIM access to my SIM card (AT+CSIM).

From the docs BG96 support all those commands are supported but in which version that contain all of them ??

Thank you.

In general , All the BG96 fw version support LWM2M featue .

To config leshan server , There is two way , one it at cmd , Another way , You can copy the configure file to /datatx directly .