Does BG96 module support full set of LwM2M protocol command?

Hi there,

I followed the document “Quectel_BG96_LwM2M_User_Guide_V1.1.pdf”
And I found my module only has a subset of command documented. Is it due to I am not on the latest firmware?

"[2019-11-25 13:14:39:606_S:] ATI
[2019-11-25 13:14:39:615_R:] ATI

[2019-11-25 13:14:39:615_R:] Quectel
[2019-11-25 13:14:39:615_R:] BG96
[2019-11-25 13:14:39:615_R:] Revision: BG96MAR02A07M1G

"[2019-11-25 13:36:35:085_S:] AT+QLWM2M=?
[2019-11-25 13:36:35:096_R:] AT+QLWM2M=?

[2019-11-25 13:36:35:096_R:] +QLWM2M: “select”[,(0-3)]
[2019-11-25 13:36:35:096_R:] +QLWM2M: “enable”[,(0,1)]
[2019-11-25 13:36:35:103_R:] +QLWM2M: “bootstrap”,(0-4)[,]
[2019-11-25 13:36:35:103_R:] +QLWM2M: “qcli_en”[,(0,1)]
[2019-11-25 13:36:35:108_R:] +QLWM2M: “psk”[,(0,1)]
[2019-11-25 13:36:35:108_R:] +QLWM2M: “apn”[,<apn_name>]
[2019-11-25 13:36:35:108_R:] +QLWM2M: “endpoint”[,(4,7),(4,7)]
[2019-11-25 13:36:35:113_R:] +QLWM2M: “reset”
[2019-11-25 13:36:35:113_R:] +QLWM2M: “clean”

[2019-11-25 13:36:35:117_R:] OK

Hi Policeman ,

For LWm2m test , Pls using the below FW version ( BG96MAR04A03M1G_01.003.01.003)

thanks ,

How to turn OFF auto start Lwm2m in bg96 modem?

Can you please share bg96 lwm2m server registration AT sequence?

Hi @Stephen.Li-Q , I have the same problem. Can you send me the correct firmware?