Documentation of eg912u


I’m looking for documentation of eg912u but I can’t find it. Could you post or send all the available documents? (Atcommands, HW dessign, etc…)

Thank you

Relevant documents have been sent to you via chat, please check.


I am also looking for the EG912U-GL documentation, HW design etc. Where can I download these documents?

Thank you

@bloues The relevant documents have been sent to you, please check.

Thank you. Where can I download the symbols and footprints for the EG912U-GL modules to be used in Kicad?

The operation document of relevant release has been sent to you, please check it.

Could I also get the EG912U-GL HW design document, and any other relevant documents for integrating said modem

Hello @tabor.tang-Q , I am also interested in the EG912U-GL documentation for hardware design.
Could you please share it with me as well?

I have previously used a document for migration from Quectel_EG912Y to EG915U. The document was:

Did Quectel release anything similar for compatible design between EG912U and EG915U?
In case could you please share it with me?

Thanks in advance.

hello, how to get datasheet of eg912U-GL? thanks in advance