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FOTA_binary_upgrade FW upgrade

In this document, it mainly introduces how to upgrade FW based on EC600S-CNLA module. Furthermore, you will learn about FOTA of EC600S-CNLA after reading this paper.

Operation Procedure

  1. Export upgrade file

Copy the system.img from the new and old zips separately, the rename them as system_old.img and system_new.img individually. Please check the next figure:

  1. Configure file.

Number_of_Images = 1

1_Image_Enable = 1

1_Image_Image_ID = 0x30

1_Image_Path = system.bin

1_Image_Flash_Entry_Address = 0x00024000

1_Image_ID_Name = 1
  1. Make .bin file

Duplicate the system_old .img and system_new.img into the root directory of FOTA tool, then execute commands as described below: adiff.exe -l fp system_old.img system_new.img FotaFile.bin.

Result after executing


The FoteFile.bin file will be generated for the module to download and upgrade.

  1. Locate the upgraded file into http server.

The address used to download in this test is

SW design

import fota
import utime

DEF_URL1 = ''

def result(args):
    print('download status:', args[0], 'download process:', args[1])

def run():
    fota_obj = fota()  # Build Fota object
    print("Enter upgrade status......")
    res = fota_obj.httpDownload(url1=DEF_URL1, callback=result)
    if res != 0:


Download and verify

SW code

Download the .py file and run on module

After downloading, run the script manually.

About 5 minutes later, the upgrade will be complete, then you can check:

Transmit in interaction surface

>>> modem.getDevFwVersion()


As the above figure implies, the verification is a success.