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Function support

Currently, both EC200U and EC600U will support BLE V4.2. The module can realize the function of BLE on Master end and Slave end. However, they can’t be carried out simultaneously since one module can only play the role of Master or Slave at one time.

Brief introduction on BLE

BLE, abbreviation of Bluetooth Low Energy, is a kind of low power consumption wireless transmission technology originated from traditional bluetooth, which is suitable for the product with low power consumption and low cost.

Application notes of BLE API

Please refer to the wiki on QuecPython official website: BLE API illustration.

Normal development procedure of BLE Server and Client

BLE Server Procedure

BLE Client Procedure


program,Please go to BLE (quectel.com)

Case illustration

As above implies, it provides the cases when taking BLE as Server and client separately. Among which, it sets the BLE name as “Quectel_ble” in server thread, after that one battery volume service is added and basic attribute is set as well. When implementing this case into module to run, it is available to search the device named “Quectel_ble” via installing nrf Connect on the phone and check the service provided by this device. About the case of client, after initializing, scans the surrounding BLE broadcast info. It will stop scanning once the device named “Quectel_ble” is detected. What you should do is to connect this device and query services and feature descriptions appended by this device. By this way, the user can use two modules to run server and client cases simultaneously.


Before running program, please make sure the BLE antenna has been plugged in. In addition, be cautious with the location since the antenna should be plugged in the socket with the characters of BT, WIFI or BLE icon on EVB.


Login the download page on QuecPython official website: QuecPython, then search for the “Demo” option. After downloading and unzipping, you should enter the BLE directory to find out the corresponding case.