Do Quetel EC25&EC21 GNSS modules send consolidated GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo data

Settings are below:

We enable GPS and set the value to 7 i.e., GGA, RMC, and GSV.

Also, enable GLONASS and set the value to 7 i.e., GSV, GSA, and GNS.

And set Galileo to 1 i.e., GSV.

We received the below position data.



Here we observe that position and HDOP are common for GPS and GLONASS.

So, we have some questions:

  1. We assume the Quetel module uses multiple satellite constellations (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo)

For getting the Lat, Long and HDOP is the assumption correct?

  1. How do we know the number of the Active satellites used for the Lat, Long and HDOP data calculation?

Weather Quetel send active satellite data in one string? Or do We need to refer to multiple strings to get active satellites?

Which string we should use to get an active satellite?

  1. Also, do we know if is it the same format for all your products?

Hi Talash24,

  1. Yes. The module use multiple satellite constellations. The result of position is calculate by all the satellite signal which the module able to receive. You can set the combination as you wish.

  2. You can get numbers of active satellites used for positioning in GGA sentences. I will send you a GNSS module protocol specification. Please refer to Standard Messages.

  3. You can acquire active satellite data in GSV sentences. The more satellites module receive, the more GSV sentences it outputs.