DNS lookup question

Hi, I have some questions about contexts and the data overhead for DNS lookups.

If I open a connection as follows, after activating a context…


Then I send some data (in my case 30 bytes) and then close the connection.
Should I deactivate the context and activate it again each time?

In the above example, I use a domain name for the server to connect to.
I am wondering if the modem does a DNS lookup each time, and if so, how much extra data is used for such?
Would I be better doing a DNS lookup at a specified interval (example: hourly) and then use the returned IP address instead of a domain name to reduce the DNS lookup overhead every time I send the 30 bytes of data?

I am trying to minimise the data usage due to high data costs here.
For reference, I am using EC25 and EC21 modules mostly.

Thanks in advance

You can directly use the ip address to access, this is the AT command for domain name resolution AT+QIDNSGIP=,
Quectel_LTE_Standard_TCP(IP)_Application_Note_V1.1.pdf (445.1 KB)

Hi @FelixCheng-Q , thank you for your reply.
Yes I am aware of the command to obtain the IP address and have recently added that to my code to only do a DNS lookup every 6 hours. This has reduced my data usage a lot. This kind of answers one of my questions (does a QIOPEN to a domain name do a DNS lookup every time?) and it seems that it may do.

Are you able to answer the other question I asked please?
Should I activate the context (QIACT) send data (QISEND) and deactivate (QIDEACT) each time I want to send data?