Disusb causing problems

I ran the following commands on my device through serial usb uart:



Because I was attempting to find how to properly enable ECM interface mode, but the command that is supposed to do this does not work on my device. This is the command that should do this:


Using this command returns ERROR. The documentation for AT+QCFGEXT=“disusb” is deceptive because it says that the option 1 will enable usb, and the option 0 will disable it, this appears to be the opposite of the case however. As now I am unable to even see my device on my machine. Meaning I cannot send it commands as I have only setup for serial usb uart communication.

What is the easiest way to reset the chip or setting or alternative communication method to change the setting so that I may continue using the device through serial usb uart?

hi, could you tell me which module are you using?

I am using BG95M2, I was able to communicate with this device by connecting it to a UART pin to micro-usb converter to forward the connection to my laptop. I assume this bypasses the ‘disusb’ setting because the pin to usb converter was added after the setting was enabled, or because it is considered a different connection because the usb is not on the same board as the device.

But this is not very well documented from my research as I had to do a lot of trial and error while sifting through partially related forum posts. As well is the documentation on the ‘disusb’ lacking in substance and clarity as it could be taken to mean the opposite of its intended meaning. As for the ’ AT+QCFGEXT=“usbnet”,“ecm” ', command I was able to access it after a firmware upgrade to the BG95M2 to the latest version as of 12/01/2021.

I believe it would still be helpful to know if there are additional solutions to my original issue in this problem being the loss of communication capabilities through an attached usb port due to the running of the disusb command. If there are any other easy ways to talk to the device or in some other way reset the setting to allow for normal usb communication to resume, or any other advice on the subject, I would much appreciate it.


Because it is about BGXX product, let me transfer to my corresponding colleague to check