Disconection of BG96

I have a Quectel BG96 USB dongle. I tried to configure an LWM2M client with Leshan using your documentation. After configuration, I restarted my module. But today, when I plug in my BG96, it disconnects after 5 seconds.Do you have any solution to solve my problem

Hi @Marin
Sorry for the late reponse.
Could you please share the test AT commands for us? the module connected server and after 5s it will be disconnect or connecting with 5s but finally failed?

I think we misunderstood each other. The disconnection is between the module and the raspberry pi. When I power up my module. It turns on and is detected on the USB1/2/3/4 ports, after 5sec it turns off and only the USB1 port is displayed.

You mean the module turn off 5s later? Have you enabled PSM function?

No. that was my last commands :

So, please check network after disconnect via AT+CEREG? AT+QENG=“servingcell” command.

I write you that I can no longer access the serial ports so I can’t write AT command