Disable Secureboot in SC600T


I have applied secure boot on my SC600T EVM Board.I want to convert back my Normal boot.

Is it possible back to convert from secure boot to normal boot?

Is there any way to erase my Keys in SC600T EVM?

Can i disable my Secure boot? if yes then what steps I have to follow?

waiting for your soonest response.

Dear Aditya_Oza,
After you apply secure boot, you cannot go back to normal boot

hii kevin,

thanks for the reply.

  1. I have one source code(which I have downloaded from gerrit) - name is X1 . I have already configured secureboot in X1 Source code with help of quectel team. and upload fuse image on EVM board.
  2. now I have download second source code from gerrit (X2 Code). now I am add those secure key in X2 code and follow secureboot steps to make secure image. because I have to upload this image in EVM board.
    I have compile X2 source code with securekey and try to upload image via QFILL but it failed.
    is it possible or not?

In this case, the usual practice is to do it again carefully according to the document.

yes I have applied secureboot with normal image with secure keys.

its working properly.