Disable read only filesystem on SC20

Hi folks!

I have troubles with the image generated with the Linux SDK provides by QUECTEL. I need that the image has a RW filesystem, because I execute scripts in run time that modify/create files on the system. I searched the web a lot but I didn’t find where modify to obtain what I want. Can you guide me?? Thank you


If your are building the basic images given by quectel, have a look in the /sc20_linux/poky/meta-qti-bsp/conf/machine/msm8909.conf

You will find :


DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " ro-rootfs"


Hi @gilou!

Thanks for the answer! In my case I modified the file /sc20_linux/poky/meta-qti-bsp/recipes-kernel/linux-msm/files/0001-system-ro-to-rw.patch and solved the problem. I don’t know y this patch override the configuration defined in the file that you mentioned. I have to do more test.

Thanks again!

This file don"t exist in the original sc20_linux repo… Where did you find it ?