Disable mobile data, choose 2g/3g only EC25

I have EC25-E USB dongle, the internet there works as should.
However, how do I configure it?
When I insert sim card, the module automatically connects to LTE(4G) mode, what if I want only calls/sms, and no internet? Or only 2g internet?
What at command can I use?
I looked at AT+QCFG, but am not sure how to use it to set 2g only mode, or how to disconnect current LTE mode.

It shouldn’t connect automatically, unless you’ve switched it to ECM mode. It should simply register with the network, without passing any chargeable data.


3G only: AT+QCFG="nwscanmode",2

Back to automatic; AT+QCFG="nwscanmode",0

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Thanks! What about no internet option? If it’s currently connected to LTE and I simply want it to turn off mobile data (line in Android smartphones)? And how do I re-enable it? Like temporarily turn off internet, then with a command turn it on again. All of the options in AT+qcfg seem to have some sort of internet connection.

If you have a data connection, what are you running to activate that connection?

The modem won’t get a data connection without assistance from software or firmware running on the device it’s plugged into.

You need to look there to establish (or re-establish) a data connection.

So there’s no AT+ command to disable mobile data?
Well, how about blocking/rejecting all incoming calls/sms, so only LTE (4G) internet is allowed?
I mean, I plug this usb dongle into PC, and not sure how to even use voice calls, so I pretty much need it only to access internet.



do what I need in regards to voice calls?