Difference RM500Q-AE, RM502Q-AE and RM505Q-AE? (And RM500Q-GL and RM502-GL too)

Hi @silvia / Quectel / @mandy.wang / @sammy-Q ,

Can you clarify what is the difference between RM500Q-AE, RM502Q-AE and RM505Q-AE - looking under “Compare product variants” at https://www.quectel.com/product/5g-rm50xq-series , it looks like it’s exactly the same hardware and software, and the only difference is that the phone operator certification is a bit different.

In your broschure PDF https://www.quectel.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/Quectel_Product_Brochure_v7.6.pdf on page 6 where this modem is displayed, these three products are actually grouped together in one column as all of their specs are equivalent.

In addition, the RM500Q-GL and RM502Q-GL variants still have same dimensions and exact gram weight as the other RM50xQ variants. In “Compare product variants”, they say LAA “B46” instead of “B46 (only support 2 ×2 MIMO)” as is the case for the -AE variants. Like with RM500Q-AE vs the other -AE variants, the telephone carrier certifications seem to vary a bit. But are RM500Q-GL and RM502Q-GL really materially variant from RM50xQ-AE?

Therefore unless one intends to sell a module to one of the phone operators RM500Q-AE is certified for but RM502Q-AE and RM505Q-AE is not, then, RM500Q-AE, RM502Q-AE and RM505Q-AE are 100% equivalent. Is this correct?

Why are RM502Q-AE and RM505Q-AE sold as two separate products, if they are actually equivalent?

Are there any firmware differences between these three products?

Your clarification would help for making buying decisions. It is almost so difficult to choose Quectel model, that it could be easier to buy from another manufacturer only for this rason.

Many thanks

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Dear @esom
These modules you mentioned above use different firmwares.
Here are the summary for these modules, please reference.

Would it be convenient to share more information of your device which develop in future? Use it yourself or sell it?

Hi @esom

We develop those products and make it a series for the martketing purpose, to meet different market requirement. As for individual developer or company, we will guide you through and provide suggestions according to your requirement.

Could you specify your requirement in terms of certification? if this is your concern.


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I’m pending to create a 5G LTE wifi router for use in Hong Kong and in UK. Which of these modules (RM500U-CNV RM500Q-GL RM500Q-AE RM502Q-AE) is/are compatible to use in both countries? I couldn’t identify and resolve from the comparison table. Thanks.