Difference in position accuracy between LC29H(BS) and LC29H(DA) in BS mode

Why the difference? The LC29H(DA) in BS mode reports a considerably better survey-in mean position accuracy than the LC29H(BS). Using the same antenna and same survey-in duration. All constellations enabled in both cases. The firmware versions are: LC29HDANR11A01S_RSA,2023/03/02,12:43:39 and LC29HBSNR11A01S,2023/02/13,10:14:06. Furthermore, what is the functional difference? The LC29H(BS) is specialized for BS mode, but the LC29H(DA) does BS mode.

Hello, Technoyogi,
I also want to make LC29H(DA) work in BS mode. But after I set $PQTMCFGRCVRMODE and $PQTMCFGSVIN, I can not use $PQTMEPE to see the estimated positioning error. How do you see the position accuracy? Thank you.

Hi, You should be able to use $PQTMCFGMSGRATE,W,PQTMSVINSTATUS,1 and $PQTMCFGMSGRATE,W,PQTMEPE,1 to see the estimated accuracy. This will output the messages 1/sec.

Thank you, it works. And you are right, the LC29H(DA) in BS mode does have better accuracy than LC29H(BS).