Difference between MC60 variants


We wanted to know the exact differences between different variants of Quectel MC60 module - MC60CA-04-STD, MC60ECA-04-BLE and MC60ECB-04-BLE?

We need module with support BT4.0(BLE) and User File System both, kindly suggest the exact model.

Hi Trakbond:
MC60CA-04-STD:Supports UFS,But supports BT 3.0 only, includes SPP, HFP, OPP;
MC60ECA-04-BLE and MC60ECB-04-BLE: Supports RAM FILE only, Supports BT 4.0 dual_mode(Classic Mode and Bluetooth Low Energy);
MC20ECBR01A01_UFS can suport UFS and BT 4.0 dual_mode(Classic Mode and Bluetooth Low Energy);
You can contact support@quectel.com for more help.


My FAE told about model MC60CB-04-BLE (with BT4.0 and UFS support). Does this model MC60CB-04-BLE exists which supports both BT4.0 and UFS?

I did not see this module.For details, you can ask your local FAE again.

I think you’re talking about MC20!

hi, what is diffrent between MC60CA and MC60CB?
I used MC60CB and when the gsm signal goes away ,MC60 stop working untill the gsm signal back,
do you have any idea?

Hi miran,
The radio-frequency related circuits are different, the others are not so different.
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