Difference between MC60 and MC60E

would you please tell me the exact difference between MC60 and MC60E ?
couldn’t find any doc about it !

not mentioned in the document but in order to my experience mc60E not support SD card and don’t has UFS file system for secure data .

are u sure about the UFS !!?

Yes MC60E not supporting SD and UFS.
Also the MC60E having BLE 4.0 where as MC60CA has BT 3.0

would you please tell me the exact memory size division on mc60E ?

Hi Iman_soleimani:
Could you tell me the software version of your module and your specific requirements?

Screenshot (74)

We’re building a car tracker. I think we need all the feathers, GNSS, GSM, GPRS, Bluetooth, SPI …

I have two more things to ask

we’ve designed a PCB for MC60 A, but we decided to use MC60 E .
should we change anything in the PCB ?

I’ve sent an email to your support, requesting MC60 E firmware and default program, but they have not sent me the required files yet. would please do this for me?

Hi Iman_soleimani:
Judging from your software version, your module is MC60CA.
If you used MC60CA before, the PCB generally does not need to be modified after changing to MC60ECA.
If you have already contacted your local FAE, please wait for his reply.