Difference between M66 and M66 R2.0

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I have a question,what is the difference between M66 and M66 R2.0. Can I use MQTT command set with M66.

Dear Kiran,
Please check the following difference between M66 and M66 R2.0. Thanks!
M66 R2.0 is a derived version of M66 R1.0. As compared with M66 R1.0, M66 R2.0 uses different but
completely pin-to-pin compatible PA component and BB chip, and it does not support Bluetooth function
(BT function pins are reserved). The two modules are pin-to-pin compatible with each other, and can
share the same reference design and software related documents.
About MQTT function, please use the latest FW of M66 to test, and now the latest FW is M66FAR02A05BT. If you need it, please let me know, i can share it with you. Thanks!

We are working on building differents devices with quectel module, we are using M66, BG77, BG95M3 and the process to get sample or buy modules if far for painless, we are working with France local distributor which is fine but add more job to everyone.
That said we have several boards running M66 so I suspect they are R1 even if we had this sample 4 month ago? Quectel_Ltd Quectel_M66 Revision: M66FAR01A12BT

So I tried to download qflash V4.16 from https://www.quectel.com/product/m66.htm official site where I’m registered, and now it tell me that I need to contact local distributor. Is there an easy way for us to access latest firmware and tools so we can deal with the modules we place on our boards?

By the way what are the differences between R1 and R2 is it just a matter of firmware or also improved hardware (consumption, features, …). We can’t find any information about this.

Thank you for your help

You can send email to support@quectel.com to get your needed firmware and test tools. Thanks!
About the difference between M66R1.0 and R2.0, please check the following document. Thanks!
Quectel_M66_R2.0&M66_R1.0_Differences_Introduction_V1.0.pdf (715.9 KB)

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Is there any method to find whether My module is M66 or M66 R2.

Dear Abhishek ,

you can check this with FW version .

Please send ATI command and in response you will get M66FA or M66FB .

FA stands for R1.0 and FB for R2.0.

I think , you can contact Indian FAE group for such queries .

Thank you

Surely will get in touch with the local team.