Difference Between BG96 firmwares

Good Afternoon.

My name is Jorge, and I work for Sayme, a IoT Solution Bussines.

Our industrial research has confimed us that you have 2 diferent versions of BG96:

  • BG96R02A07M1G_01.001

  • BG96R03A08M1GA

We have experience with the first one (BG96R02A07M1G_01.001), but not with the other.

Could you explain the diferences between a BG96 with BG96R02A07M1G_01.001 firmware and other with the BG96R03A08M1GA?

Thanks in advance

ThreadX? or only AT commands
About ThreadX/QuecOpen:

  • R02 use SDK v2 no MMU ( Memory management unit )
  • R03 use SDK v3 MMU enabled
  • R04 use SDK v4 MMU enabled

HI version must be OK for AT commands using

Hi Jorge,

1. Preamble This document provides the Release Notes for BG96 firmware version BG96MAR02A07M1G_01.016.01.016. It describes major changes compared to BG96 firmware version BG96MAR02A07M1G_01.014.01.014. All changes are on the APP side, and do not affect protocols of the Modem. We maintain the A07 version number unchanged. Do upgrade on the APP side. For a detailed listing of all changes, please refer to the BG96 AT Command Set. Before: ATI Quectel BG96 Revision: BG96MAR02A07M1G

Revision: BG96MAR02A07M1G
BG96MAR02A07M1G_01.016.01.016 //Added new AT to query the full version information;
+QAPPVER: //Added new AT to query the application version information;
2. New Features
2.1 New Features of Modem Protocol
No update.
2.2 New Features of Modem APP
Item /Category Brief description Since
Added AT Command AT+QGMR to query the full version information, including the protocol version number and application version number of modem.

You get the changes as below and 5 pages more. Your FW is much older. You will get a lot of changes on top. If you drop me an emal to harald.naumann (at) lte-modem.com, then I will add you to my list and help with news and services around NB-IoT.

Hi Jorge,

it is the different SW baseline between BG96R02 and BG96 R03 .

for the detail , pls kindly open the below link :+1:


Hi, My name is Olle and I have been using a handful of BG96 based modem incorporated in Libelium measurement systems running NB-IoT for a year and a half now. Unfortunately the old trusty software does not work as well as it should with the latest batch of measurement stations. Particularly I/we are having problems with erratic response to PDP activation (AT+QIACT), and subsequent loss of connectivity.
The BG96 rev-id of the older (and perfectly working modules) is: G96MAR02A08M1G_01.009.01.00909
while the erratic ones have rev-id: G96MAR03A06M1G_01.005.01.00505.
Can someone please tell me if there is a workaround for this problem?

Best regards