Difference between BC66NB and BC66NA


I have not found any related document to the manufacturer’s part numbers correlated to the module “names”.
On Mouser I have found the following BC66 modules:

One datasheet for BC66 mentions the “BC66” and “BC66-NA” modules, and sums up their differences. According to that document, the NA version is LTE CAT NB2, while the normal, “BC66” is NB1.
Regarding the part numbers, is my assumption correct, so that the “BC66NB-04-STD” is the simple “BC66”, and the “BC66NADA-04-STD” is for the “BC66-NA” version?

Hi Laszlo

Your understanding is correct. In the future, the focus will be on the BC66NADA-04-STD model. Other models will not update the firmware without special requirements.

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Actually, the history is a bit more confusing:

  • First version was BC66NA-04-STD, sometimes called BC66NA - it is abandoned for quite some time.
  • Second version (but first widely used) was BC66NB-04-STD, sometimes simply called BC66 or BC66NB.
  • Last version (with upgraded chipset) is BC66NADA-04-STD, sometimes (originally?) called BC66-NA.
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