Diagnostic port via SDK

Hello. Im new in Quectel Community. I have bg96, and i want to ask. Can i acces to Diagnostic port using sdk2 (quecOpen sdk). I saw examples platformio-quectel-examples/Arduino/bg96 at master · Wiz-IO/platformio-quectel-examples · GitHub

but didn’t find how to acces to Diagnostic port


Are you mean DIAG port on BG96 Quecopen ?

Linkin WANG

ok, thank you. very sad

Where can i download QuecOpen sdk?

which QuecOpen SDK do you need? i can share you with onedrive .

i don’t know exactly, I need sdk for work with bg96. as far as I understand, the SDK is based on working in ThreadX

Firmware packet include SDK basically.
I don’t know which firmware you are using, you can check by AT+QGMR,then i can send to you.

Linkin WANG

i have two devboards with these firmwares:

Here is BG96MAR02A07M1G_01.016.01.016 FW included SDK.

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