DFOTA - file to large, how to reduce size

I received new version of firmvare for EG915UEU. I generated differential pack:
EG915UEUABR03A01M08_01.206.01.206 → EG915UEUABR05A01M08_01.200.01.200
But the file is to large i think (2021KB). I have download error 420.
There is in EG915U-EU-AB Release Note:
“Due to the small UFS space, when the delta firmware package is upgraded directly in
UFS, if the package is too large, you can reduce its size by modifying the profiles such
as by ignoring the preset files. If the delta firmware package is still too large after
modification, please divide the package into several smaller ones for FOTA upgrade.”

Can I do that myself or have to request Quectel R&D?