Device Life-Span of BC66

Hello Team,

I beginner in BC66

I want to know,

  1. I’m unable to see in the documentation of the BC66, how long it takes to connect to LTE Cat NB1 to transmit data?

  2. The battery life calculation I’m basing off of is the idle mode at 3.5uA for 15 minutes before having to do a single packet transmission(110mA,23dBm)but I’m not sure how long that 110mA is running for. ( I have 3.7V 200mAH Li-ion Battery )

The time to wakeup and transmit data depends on the amount of data to send and your network provider/SIM card.
Here in Germany, you can calculate about 5-7 seconds for startup/register network/transmission. This is very fast in compare to other modules (like BC68)!
On the other hand, your module do not draw 110mA all this time. Only during transmission the consumption is really high and can be more than 110mA depending on your settings and network coverage.

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