Detect SIM cards on both sim slots

Our carrier board has an esim (sim1) and a physical sim (sim2)
By default the sim1 is used (esim is always “inserted”/soldered)

How can our application detect if sim2 is inserted while still being switched to sim1.

Current test procedure:

  1. AT+QDSIM? → 0 (sim1 is used)
  2. AT+QSIMSTAT? → 0,1 (sim1 is inserted)
  3. AT+QDSIM=1 (switch to sim2)
  4. < Reboot of modem for above function to take effect >
  5. AT+QSIMSTAT? → 0,0 (sim2 is not inserted)
    — If no sim in inserted in 2nd sim slot, switch back to sim slot 1 —
  6. AT+QDSIM=0 (switch back to sim1)
  7. < Reboot of modem for above function to take effect >

As you can see, if the 2nd sim is not inserted, the modem needs to be rebooted twice in order to be usable again.

Hi JimmyMars ,

it depend on the model of the module ,

with different module , there are the below 4 types

SSSS— single sim single standby

DSSS —double sim single standby

DSDS—double sim double standby

DSDA— Dual SIM dual active

pls let us know the type of you mdoule

We are using this one: