Design of smart POS using SC200R

Hi !
I want to design a smart POS using SC200R with Ethernet functionality and need to expand Serial ports. Can you please help me with the reference designs pertaining to:

1. NFC Reader
2. SAM Interface
3. Ethernet Interface
4. Serial Expander

for SC200R ?
Also, if you can tell me which Tranceivers are compatible to SC200R,it would be a great help.

Dear NormsBreaker:
What is your company’s name and country area? Have you tried contacting our local sales and FAE to obtain information? We cannot send you these documents in the forum.

Hi Robert !
Thanks for responding !
Yes, I initially contacted the sales department and they told me that given my requirements are individual and not company specific, they will be best dealt in this forum.
I’m working on a DIY project and not affiliated to a company. Country is India.
You can send me those documents at

Many thanks
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Hi, Let me jump into this thread about SC200R ,

I’ll be curious to know what is the support of Linux support on this device,
On the spec I see it’s QCM2150 based and that android-10 is supported:

is this the only OS supported ? Do you know any effort to boot other OS or mainline kernel ? I didn’t find any activity for QCM2150 at:

Yes. Only Android 10 supported.

Hello, Dear Bean.Wang-Q

Our company uses about 5 thousand of your modules EC25.
We need to update the firmware to the new version.
Do you have any Linux platform tool and manual?


You’d better start a new topic.
what you need is the firmware or the linux upgrade tool?
If you want the lastest firmware, what’s the version used right now?
If you want the Linux upgrade tool, I 'll sent you the QFirehose and the uer guide.