Debugging M66 TLS


I am trying to connect to a self-made server through TLSv1.2 with an M66 chip. I have been able to connect to it through TCP, and through AT+QSSLOPEN with seclevel=0. Also I have been able to connect to it with TLSv1.2 through other mechanisms (either with normal ciphers, or the downgraded ciphers M66 supports, like 0x003D).

I think I have readout all the directions available in the forum, but have not been able to have a connection. Everytime, the result is a +QSSLOpen:0,-1.

my chip fimware version is M66FAR0207BT.

My thoughts are on that if I could connect to the chip’s DBG port and analyze it, maybe I could find a clue about were the problem might be. Could I do that with UEMonitor? Is there any xml/pkg fie for M66 on UEMonitor? Or the process here is somehow different?

If you want to get debug messages, you need to use the catcher software and connect to the debug pin on the evb or module. I have sent catcher and the tool instruction manual to you