Debugging M66 TLS


I am trying to connect to a self-made server through TLSv1.2 with an M66 chip. I have been able to connect to it through TCP, and through AT+QSSLOPEN with seclevel=0. Also I have been able to connect to it with TLSv1.2 through other mechanisms (either with normal ciphers, or the downgraded ciphers M66 supports, like 0x003D).

I think I have readout all the directions available in the forum, but have not been able to have a connection. Everytime, the result is a +QSSLOpen:0,-1.

my chip fimware version is M66FAR0207BT.

My thoughts are on that if I could connect to the chip’s DBG port and analyze it, maybe I could find a clue about were the problem might be. Could I do that with UEMonitor? Is there any xml/pkg fie for M66 on UEMonitor? Or the process here is somehow different?