Dear Quectel team! Do you have beta version (12+) for EG12-EA modem in Mikrotik Chateau LTE12 device?

Dear colleagues!
Could you send me the latest beta firmware version (12 or more) for the EG12-EA modem in the Mikrotik Chateau LTE12 device by E-mail? As well as the latest version of the QFlash v5.8 program (for Windows 7, 10 and / or Linux Ubuntu 20.04). Or suggest another way to update the modem firmware.
I need this because the EG12-EA modem works stably with b3 + b20 aggregation (your colleagues from Quectel helped), but there were spontaneous drops in the LTE interface with b3 + b7 aggregation.
The firmware currently installed is EG12EAPAR01A11M4G.
Thank you very much.

Download the latest version:

Download link to upgrade tool qflash5.8:

Dear Kerr.Yang-Q!
Thank you very much for your answer and the provided software.
Since you are so kind, could you answer a few more questions?

  1. In the document Quectel EG12 Hardware Design on page 64 (Figure 32) there is a Schottky diode between pin USB_BOOT and GND in the electrical circuit. What is the purpose of this diode?
  2. Is it possible to make a short circuit between the USB_BOOT pin and the GND pin for a short time when VDD_EXT +1.8 V is applied in order for the USB_DM port (pin 33) to appear in the Windows Device Manager?
  3. Will the directory structure in the modem’s OS be changed during an emergency boot using QFlash, when, for example, I open the firehose directory in the QFlash utility window and try to load the contents of the firmware into the modem’s flash?
    Thank you.



  1. To enhance ESD performance, prevent electrostatic damage to the PIN.
    2.It is recommended to keep the USB_BOOT dangling unless you want to put the module into forced download mode.
  2. Module internal file system directories are not changed.

Dear Kerr.Yang-Q!

  1. Could you give the decoding of the abbreviations “ESD” and “PIN”?
  2. Before using the QFlash utility, is it necessary to short-circuit USB_BOOT and GND?

Tell me, when will the new firmware on the eg12ea modem be released?

Tell me the instructions on how to flash the eg12ea modem using qflash?

Good afternoon, is it possible to post the download link again … since the old ones are not active?

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Please reupload the latest (stable) version for the EG12-EA modem

We have cross-carrier CA issues and I would like to try the latest stable version, hopefully it will fix our problems.

Thanks for your help!