CV2X with evaluation board (AG520R-EU + IMX6)

AG520R-EU Card on Board evaluation with IMX6 controller card. Anyone tested the combination on a success cv2x transmission?.
Tests I made:

  1. Connecting and testing AT commands and accessing linux environments working well.
  2. No update of firmware, but IMX6 card sees Cv2X card and shows connectivity.
  3. GPS - NMEA messages do not appear on IMX6, messages of no satellite are present, even with a GPS antenna (model GPS10D-D3-04-A).

Anyone can help with this setup?, I don’t think is an antenna issue but any driver on cv2x. How can I test another options?.

When I try to use the GNSS application(location_client_api_testapp), on IMX6 I have the following message:

<<< onCapabilitiesCb mask=0x3f
execute command
unknown command

Maybe some library or where I can find the application files to update for this IMX module?.