CV2X Communication with AG15 SDK


I am setting up two AG15 modules to test CV2X communication. I am using two iMX6Q SABRE board as my host computer running with Embedded Linux (Kernel version 4.9.88). I have completed following steps so far,

  1. Apply the kernel patches provided with SDK and built a functional linux image. (Kernel version 4.9.88)
    2.Copy the corresponding SDK onto Rootfs on the Linux image.
  2. Connect the AG15 to host board through Quectel OpenEVB.
  3. Start CV2X communication as described in SDK documentation.
  4. Start ACME on both boards ( One board as Tx and another board as Rx)

I see that both Tx and Rx is functional but I do not see the Rx module receiving any message from Tx module.
Can you help me with solving this issue. Am I missing any intermediate step?


Hello Shrivathsa
Please check whether the qrtr netmgrd service is started normally, provide screenshots of qmi_test_service_test and ifconfig, and provide screenshots of systemctl start cv2x