Custom firmware for EC600U-EU

Hi guys. Very much hope for you. Look here’s the problem:
I have a 4G module with an EC600U-EU modem. I would like to edit its firmware and install it again. I can unpack the firmware with the command “dtools.exe pakdump” and it’s successful. How do I pack the firmware back into the pac file? This is a real problem for me, please help.

Hi @Ja_Yong_Tu
Did you need a fireware for EC600U-EU?

No… I need a tool to build firmware for EC600U-EU… All the tools I have found can either replace or remove the file from the firmware (.pac). But I need to assemble it myself. For example, I can unpack the firmware by getting such a list of files:
But how to put everything back together in a .pac file?

Hi, Ja_Yong_Tu, You can try this command " dtools.exe pacmerge". * You can use this command “dtools.exe -h” to query all dtools commands. I hope it useful for you.