Criteria AT + COPS =?

I use in a EG91 module
the command
AT + COPS =?
to see the networks and operators present and whether they are “accessible”
I see that the response to the command changes, (changes the order in which the list is presented)

[2019-07-10_12:20:24:251]+COPS: (1,“I TIM”,“TIM”,“22201”,2),(1,“I TIM”,“TIM”,“22201”,0),(3,“222 50”,“222 50”,“22250”,2),(1,“I WIND”,“I WIND”,“22288”,2),(1,“vodafone IT”,“voda IT”,“22210”,2),(1,“vodafone IT”,“voda IT”,“22210”,0),(1,“3 ITA”,“3 ITA”,“22299”,2),(3,“222 50”,“222 50”,“22250”,7),(1,“I TIM”,“TIM”,“22201”,7),(1,“I WIND”,“I WIND”,“22288”,0),(1,“vodafone IT”,“voda IT”,“22210”,7),(1,“3 ITA”,“3 ITA”,“22299”,7),(2,“I WIND”,“I WIND”,“22288”,7),(0-4),(0-2)

[2019-07-10_12:25:03:418]+COPS: (1,“I TIM”,“TIM”,“22201”,2),(1,“I TIM”,“TIM”,“22201”,0),(1,“vodafone IT”,“voda IT”,“22210”,2),(1,“I WIND”,“I WIND”,“22288”,2),(3,“222 50”,“222 50”,“22250”,2),(2,“I WIND”,“I WIND”,“22288”,7),(1,“I WIND”,“I WIND”,“22288”,0),(3,“222 50”,“222 50”,“22250”,7),(1,“I TIM”,“TIM”,“22201”,7),(1,“vodafone IT”,“voda IT”,“22210”,7),(1,“3 ITA”,“3 ITA”,“22299”,7),(1,“3 ITA”,“3 ITA”,“22299”,2),(1,“vodafone IT”,“voda IT”,“22210”,0),(0-4),(0-2)

2019-07-10_12:31:05:845]+COPS: (1,“I TIM”,“TIM”,“22201”,2),(1,“I TIM”,“TIM”,“22201”,0),(3,“222 50”,“222 50”,“22250”,7),(1,“I WIND”,“I WIND”,“22288”,2),(1,“vodafone IT”,“voda IT”,“22210”,2),(3,“222 50”,“222 50”,“22250”,2),(1,“3 ITA”,“3 ITA”,“22299”,7),(1,“3 ITA”,“3 ITA”,“22299”,2),(1,“vodafone IT”,“voda IT”,“22210”,0),(1,“vodafone IT”,“voda IT”,“22210”,7),(1,“I TIM”,“TIM”,“22201”,7),(1,“I WIND”,“I WIND”,“22288”,0),(2,“I WIND”,“I WIND”,“22288”,7),(0-4),(0-2)

2019-07-10_13:41:12:385]+COPS: (1,“I TIM”,“TIM”,“22201”,2),(2,“I TIM”,“TIM”,“22201”,0),(1,“I WIND”,“I WIND”,“22288”,7),(1,“vodafone IT”,“voda IT”,“22210”,7),(3,“222 50”,“222 50”,“22250”,7),(1,“I WIND”,“I WIND”,“22288”,2),(1,“I WIND”,“I WIND”,“22288”,0),(1,“3 ITA”,“3 ITA”,“22299”,7),(1,“vodafone IT”,“voda IT”,“22210”,0),(1,“vodafone IT”,“voda IT”,“22210”,2),(1,“3 ITA”,“3 ITA”,“22299”,2),(3,“222 50”,“222 50”,“22250”,2),(0-4),(0-2)

I am not clear the criteria that determines the order of the list …
Can you give me any additional information on this?

I’m looking for a way to undestand which is the best operatore avaibled,

Dear Sir,
The criteria of the return value of AT+COPS=? should be in the order of: home network, networks referenced in (U)SIM and other networks. You can check the EG91 AT command manual to get more information. Hopefully it is useful to you. Thanks!

Thank you

Can you better better explain the meaning of Home network…
networks referenced in SIM and other netoworks…

how do you explain the log that i post?

is there some other “hid” criteria?

is there a way to undestand which is the operator avaible with the best signal?

Dear Sir,
Home network means that the SIM card supported network type.
Network referenced in network means that the SIM card referenced network, like the following picture, CHINA MOBILE is the home network, CHN-CT and CHN-UNICOM are the referenced network. You know the wireless signal may changing all the time, so the searched network also will changing. Like the above your test log, I TIM should be the home network and never change. Just the referenced network changing.

Just as you have said that you want to understand which is the best operator available, i recommend you try the following AT command, which can list all the Current Available Networks. Hope it is useful to you. Thanks!


I wish to test


[2019-07-23_17:42:28:344]+QCOPS: (10-60)


but if i try as you suggest






Can you give me a reference to command manual?

Best Regards

Dear Sir,
Please check the following test log in my side. i think we use different Firmware. So please check with our local FAE who support you to check it. Thanks!