Connection issue and SIM card detection for EG25-G


I have two questions related to EG25-G. Hope someone from Quectel can help resolve this issue.

  1. We have been using EG25-G and it works in Singapore. We tried in other countries and found the following error. What could be causing the error in the connection? The Signal quality seems ok.

We are using EG25-G module in our device and want to have an automatic SIM Card Detection feature. Can someone please guide on the command set to test that and if EG25-G actually allows that? I can find instructions for EC25 but not for EG25.

Thanks in advance!


Any inputs on this would be really helpful!

Dear Mdmobashir,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
About your issue, please confirm the following information:
1.Please confirm whether the SIM card used can support Roaming to other country, it seems like that the module cannot register on network;
2. About the SIM card detection, please confirm you have connect SIM_DET pin in your hardware design, the you can use AT+QSIMDET command to enable or disable such function. Thanks!

Thanks a lot for the response.

  1. The lab is not using an actual simcard but rather a test equipment and it comes with a simcard (R&S®CMW500)
  2. Yes, we have the QSIMDET connected. What would be the insert level? After issuing the +QSIMDET command, what should be the expected output?

Best regards,

1.If that, please confirm whether the instrument setting is correct ?
2.Please confirm the level setting is inconsistent with your hardware design. Thanks!