Connecting from windows 10 to TRM240 modem via USB using driver Quectel LTE&5G Windows USB Driver V2.1

Is there a later version of the driver I should be using? This one is not working. It doesn’t show up in the Device Manager. For example under Ports (COM & LPT) I would expect to see one or more Quectel drivers, including one for AT commands. They are not there…

hello, sorry for late reply, please check the latest version driver, btw, this link will expire at the end of March, thanks~

May I please also receive the latest Windows drivers?
The link above in no longer active.
OEM Modem: Quectel EC25-AF series Modem
OEM Firmware: Quectel: EC25AFFDR07A09M4G
Supplier Modem: Protectli IDG400-0TE0C
Supplier Firmware: Protectli 00004L0.K21_a21.0000
PC Windows Version: 10.0.19045 Build 19045