Connecting bg95 with stm 32

hi every one
i want to connect bg 95 with stm 32 i have made the uart connection between stm 32 and bg95
but when i am sending the command (AT) from stm 32 by mqtt protocol i am not able receive ok from quectel.

Hi @ujjwalkumar

Which SMT32 are you using ?

Hi i am using STM32H743ZIT
and can i get the quectel evaluation board schematic with bg 95 m3

pls double check your At processing mechanism , It is one difficult point for this program.

you need to enable 2 timer ,One timer is used to calculate the duration between characters, and the other is used to control AT timeout.

if you need to know detail ,pls send email to me

It could also be the operating voltage,
Check the BG95 SeriesHardware Design document, there is a section explaining the UART module, operating voltage and default baud rate.

I’m not sure what you mean that you are using the MQTT protocol for “AT OK”, clarification might be needed