Connect to two EM12G simultanaously via dial up connection

I have two Quectel EM12G modules. I have set up two dial-up internet connections using a module each.
It would be really useful to use them simultanaously, so that, by using a curl --interface command in the command prompt, i could choose either one or the other ro do http tests.
However, even if the PC (Windows 10) is connected to both networks, only one at a time works.

Can anyone help, please?


Module is to support multiple dial-up, but PC can only connect a module of the network AT the same time, the PC AT the same time can only be connected to a network module is this cannot change, if you need to test two separate module test dial and HTTP test, I suggest you open the module through serial port tools USB AT the mouth of the HTTP commands to test, hope to help you, thank you.