Connect to Quectel IoT Portal

My university tutor received a SIM card (Vodafone) from Quectel a few days ago and I now want to use the BC660K-GL module to connect to Quectel IoT Portal. According to the instructions in the documentation center, I should use AT+QIOTREG=1 to open the module’s QuecThing function, but there is an error,maybe my BC660K-GL module does not have QuecThing function,what should I do ?

Oh sorry, your current BC660K model does not support the QuecThing AT command set, requires a specific module model, if you must connect to QuecThing, you need to buy a specific model; If you are only verifying the application protocol, I recommend signing up for AWS, which is commonly used by our overseas users

Do you mean that I can’t connect to Quectel IoT Portal in Germany with the BC660K-GL module?
But according to the information I got, it is possible to connect to Quectel IoT Portal without using the QuecThing AT command set.

this tutorial video shows B96

Follow the instructions on the platform and connect using the standard at command set to QuecThing

I use the same AT command as in the tutorial video, but it still shows Error.

Please just let me know if there is a way to get the BC660K-GL module to connect to the Quectel IoT Portal and if so how?