Compliance test for EG25-G Mini PCIe modules


We have been making devices based on EG25-G Mini PCIe to provide internet connectivity to our “Gateway”. We have completed the prototyping and now ready to submit for CE and FCC certification.

I have the following questions as I’m unfamiliar with the process:

  1. I see that the modules themselves are tested for CE and FCC compliance. Do we need to undergo those tests for 3G/4G/GNSS again?
  2. Where can I find the CE/FCC test reports and the certificates for EG25-G Mini PCIe modules?
  3. What kind of tests are minimal required for CE and FCC compliance for the end product?

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Dear Mdmobashir,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.Please check the following answers to your question.
1.It is better to check with CE and FCC certification authority, we cannot confirm what tests you need to test or not.
2.Please email to to get your needed test reports.
3.The same answer as the No.1.

Thanks Kyson,

Let me email the quectel support.