Compiling ThreadX DAM for BG96 without a compiler license?

Hello everyone,

I am seeking some guidance/suggestions on the compiling environment to build ThreadX DAM programs for BG96. To give some information on what I have done so far, I have successfully set up the compiling environment for SDK version 2.1.0 for BG96 and also ran the example uart debug demo already provided. This environment uses ARM compiler 5 and Cygwin, however, to continue building any of the other example programs (or programs of my own), I need a license, which, in my case, is not a viable option as a license is quite expensive.

My question is if there is an alternative to building threadX DAM programs for free without the need for a license? If so, can anyone provide a guide/links/suggestions to point me in the right direction or provide some insight?

Nevermind this topic. I figured out using llvm instead.

pls kindly download LLVM compiler from the below link :slight_smile: