Compilation error

PFA Images of error and Capture Log for your references
I’m working on NBioT BC660k Quecopen with JIO NIDD support, I have 2 types of SDK 1) with NIDD support 2) without NIDD support
Currently, I’m facing compilation errors in type 1) with NIDD support SKD, as shown below.
{arm-none-eabi-gcc.exe: error: …/…/…/…/…/PLAT/project/qcx212_0h00/quectel_project/quec_open/customer/config/ql_task_def.c: No such file or directory}

Kindly provide your support to resolve the issue.

  • Has the current problem been solved?

Yes, the problem has been solved. Thanks for asking.

we are facing issues on integrating Quceopen with JIO NIDD, we got BC660KGL_QuecOpen_NB5_SDK_V1.1 named SDK please confirm whether this SDK supports NIDD or not, can you please provide NIDD example code that we can try. if possible please share SDK and AT commands that will help us to integrate JIO NIDD.

Thanks in Advance.

The NIDD example is not included in the SDK
NIDD testing.pdf (130.8 KB)

Thanks for the support, If possible please the JIO NIDD Supported Quecopen SDK.

There is no SDK, please use AT Command to implement