Compatibility of NL-SW-LTE-QBG96

Dear All,

I am trying to deploy one of my Energy Monitoring Device ( Developed with Beaglebone black and (Compatibility of NL-SW-LTE-QBG96). The location where i am trying to deploy it is UK and the signal provider used is EE. I am using PPP0 mode using uart of beaglebone black. The module works fine in india but when deployed in UK it is unable to bring up PPP interface. Here are some of the response of the AT commands which i obtained from Picocom.

Terminal ready
+CSQ: 9,99

+COPS: 0,0,“EE”,0

+CGREG: 0,2

+CREG: 0,5

The APN used for EE sim card is “everywhere”. Although the sim card belongs to uk only, it is still showing as “roaming” for CREG. and response +CGREG: 0,2 for for “AT+CGREG?”. Can someone please guide over this. Thanks in advance.

for AT+CREG , it can be used to check the status of NB , catm and GSM

for AT+ceg , is can be used to check GPRS only
"AT+cereg‘’ is recommended