Command to print GPS data only when required

We are using Quectel L89 EVE GNSS module. The model is designed in such a way that it can fetch continuous GPS data. It is acquired in the UART serial monitor in our case. We are in need to print the GPS data only when needed instead of continuous printing. Is there any way this could be achieved? If available, Kindly post the $PSTM command for this case.

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Hi Jenish,

L89 doesn’t support any command to stop NMEA output. Maybe you can disconnect with UART serial and re-connect to the UART serial.

Or you can try to force L89 entering standby mode, and wake up the module by dring WAKEUP pin to high level.

Best regards

Thank you for sharing this commands. In standby mode, the L89 module gets disconnected from satellite after it takes so long to get connected 3dfix. So it is not good for my project. Hence, I decided to handle the data from MCU.