Command to enable transmit output

As part of some EMC susceptibility testing we would like to be able to enable the transmit output and then run equipment through test finally disabling the transmit output at the end of the test.

Is there a test command that allows this?

hello, could you please tell us the current firmware version and module type? we will arrange corresponding FAE to support, thanks~

The last firmware update we had was BG95M6LAR02A07A, but that was a while ago.
The last FAE from Quectel I had contact with were Rachel Zhang(张春阳) [] and david.lam [].
The schematic we have lists the module as BG95M6LA-64-EDMI.

@Linkin-Q hi linkin, could you please help this issue? many thanks~

Hi @tims_edmi

Are you mean TCP/UDP transmit output? if so you can check TCP/IP Application Note, there are some commands to setup transmit output mode.

Found what I needed here.