Command line parameters for QFlash

Hello together,

I would like to know if there are command line parameters available for QFlash, so an automation of the flash procedure would be possible. In my opinion it is quite annoing over the gui, so it would be nice if there would be a way like qflash.exe com3 115200 mycfgfile.cfg

Thanks in advance

Check all sub directories of your Flash installation. The command line tool, you looking for is called UEUpdaterCLI.exe. There is also an PDF with usage. Ask Google for it.

Thank you, I looked through my flash directories and found a UEUpdater.exe in a folder called UEUpdaterCLI.
Sadly I can’t find a PDF with the usage explained there or with google. Is there a possibility you could provide it to me?

Hi, the UEUpdaterCLI.exe can be used to upload firmware to MC60 module?

М66 / MC60 OpenCPU uploader

Hi… this new GB Flash Bios update Application requires no user input whatsoever - so don’t remove the floppy disk after boot until the Flash has completed. It’s not as though you would be just stopping a Flash Bios update Application from loading, ie before loading up the bios image manually.
Gigabyte should have warned users about this, as for years I’ve always been used to seeing the loaded up Flash bios update Application waiting for me to select a bios image and initiate the flash process manually.

We are using M95
Maybe somebody can answer if its possible
by command line to update the firmware on this module ?
from this thread it seems only to be M66 modem.

Hi WizIO

Do you know if the OpenCpu uploader can be used togher with M95 ?
maybe i also have to change the linker address.


Must work - my uploader is Reverse Enginering of Mediatek/Quectel uploader

My thought was to use it as command line tool for a full fw update for a standard fw release from quectel like when i use QFlash tool - but this tool seems not very easy to do firmware automation durring manufacturing.

The reason we need to update during manufacturing is because the module we got has an old fw which do not support MQTT - so i am affraid we have to update all module - can take a few minutes.

There seems also to be a cmdline tool called FlashToolCLI1.exe - but i am not sure this is for M95 - it can not parse .cfg file correct.

Any help is very much appriciated.

Br PEter

just test

look and there ( Ajay Bhargav ), is moded python tool for flash upgate

I’ve got the same problem, I want to flash BG96 programatically trough QFlashV5.5, but no pdf or exe called UEUpdaterCLI found.
Can you help me on that topic?

QFlash is writing some log files. In one of them, all command lines called is logged. So you get path, name and parameters of the desired tool. QFlash is simply a UI to control different flash tools.