Cold fix with MC60 GNSS

Hello, I need to force MC60 GNSS to make a cold fix only by AT command (without hardware action).
I tried to switch off and again on with the at command AT+QGNSSC=0 the GNSS module than I send the command AT + QGNSSCMD = 0, “$ PMTK104 * 37” but not enough. The fix is always done in a few seconds.
Thank you

Hi Stefano_Fredella:
Please confirm the AT command:
It looks like there’s more space after the $,Please try excute AT+QGNSSCMD=0,"$PMTK104*37" again.

Thank You Winnie, unfortunately this is not the problem, I correct the sentence and the MC60 continue to respond OK but not cold fix is performed. After I sent PMTK104 I send command to switch off and on the GNSS and for 5-10 seconds the GNSS output is like this $GNGLL,064850.386,V,N*66 and than the fix occur.
I tried to send command when GNSS is on or off but nothing change.

is there a way to make the module lose the time?

Hi Stefano_Fredella:
This may need to grab the log for R&D to analyze.
Please contact for further analysis.