CMS ERROR: network timeout when sending SMS

Hi Team ,

when sending SMS , i am getting CMS Error . can you please tell what could be the issue here.

Thanks & Regards,
suresh R


Is there any update on the CMS Error . can you please help us on this issue.

thanks & regards,
suresh R

Hi, tamil_ram:
Your error may be that in the following AT Command"Short Message Service Center" Configuration error “+9113800551500”

AT+CSCA="+9113800551500",145 //Set to the same as provided or specified by the Short Message Service Center of your SIM card service provider.

The following warnings are given in our instruction manual:

1.Enter the SMS service center address in the format specified by the service provider;
2.It is strongly recommended that the SMSC address of the (U)SIM card should not be overwritten during use.

Please configure “Short Message Service Center” correctly, or ignore configuring this AT COMMAND.And try again!
At the same time,In the above screenshot, I don’t know if it is a parameter configured manually by you, but the parameter provided in our instruction manual is 0 (default) or 128 (PDU mode - TPDU is only used for sending/receiving SMS).


I hope the above suggestions can solve your problem. If the problem still exists, we will keep communicating with each other. Thank you!

Pls refer to the herbert’s answer .