+CME ERROR: invalid parameter when AT+QMTPUB or AT+QMTSUB after opening Mqtt port

I am using m66 module with Microcontroller connecting to AWS iot core, and im able to open MQTT port as im getting
[2022-12-06_21:51:03:772]Revision: M66FBR03A07

[2022-12-04_17:59:46:159]+QMTOPEN: 1,0


[2022-12-04_18:00:04:621]+QMTSTAT: 1,3

[2022-12-04_18:00:04:621]+QMTCONN: 1,2

after that if i put AT+QMTPUB or AT+QMTSUB, I am getting same error as +CME ERROR: invalid parameter
please provide example so i can proceed further

Hi,It may be caused by the abnormal parameters you entered. Please refer to the attachment I sent to you through private message