+CME ERROR: 13 for a SIM on Quectel EC25-E


When i run AT+CPIN?, i get the +CME ERROR: 13

I have written a serial driver application that sends AT+CSIM commands from a Raspberry PI to Quectel EC25-E. Iam testing this application driver against different SIM (vendors). For one of the SIM i get this CME ERROR:13.
Because of this, everytime read() returns 0 bytes.
Please let me know if there is a way to troubleshoot the rootcause of the +CME ERROR:13


Hi,guy, I am so sorry for replying you so late,

I would like to suggest that you could check the antenna because there always are some hardware problems to cause the error 13.

I am waitting for your further information, I will support you continually.

Best wishes!