Choice of Quectel module with voice and OpenCPU supported


I wish to launch an open source project to make a simple phone with 5" LCD (Touch screen) and OpenCPU. Is there any suggestion on which module to use for such purpose? Hopefully, the final board could be used in worldwide.

Look forward to any idea.

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Can you elaborate on the functional requirements and the system to be used (such as Android or other)?
Recommend you to refer to our company’s smart module.

Functions wanted:
(1) Real time communication by voice and ear piece
(2) Interface with a LCD via SPI interface. An external graphic controller may be used with SPI interface
(3) Global 4G or higher communication protocol

FreeRTOS or round-robin. No Android or Linux is required.

Quectel has several LTE OCPU modules that can meet your needs, but because your screen is too large, it may cause the screen to refresh too slowly or freeze. Here we can recommend you to use EC100Y (RTOS: Threadx), EC200T (linux ), EC20 (linux). If necessary, you can check relevant information on Quectel’s official website, or contact local sales personnel.

It is possible for me to add an external graphic controller to interface to a large screen. In this case, only simple SPI commands are required to refresh the whole screen without drawing on the LCD pixel by pixel.
If it is going to be openMCU solution, is there any choice with LTE and SPI interface with open library and toolchain?

Our OCPU modules all have general SPI interface, and there are complete drivers and examples in the SDK. The three LTE OPEN modules mentioned above can all meet your needs. You can choose according to your actual situation.Please contact sales staff for SDK and development tools.We still recommend you to consider smart modules.

where is EC100Y document download?